The Project Moray Robotic Catheter System
The Moray Medical Robotic Catheter System in action

Moray Medical’s robotic system moves a cardiac catheter inside the beating heart of a patient with a dexterity, precision, and ease of use beyond what was previously possible. The reusable Moray Medical drive mechanism bends a single-use, proprietary Moray Medical catheter in different directions along its length — somewhat like an eel. Interventional cardiologists need this dexterity so they can treat hundreds of thousands of patients who are too frail to survive the trauma of open heart surgery. Moray Medical’s simple cardiac catheter system is driven without pull wires, motors, or magnets, relying instead on computer-controlled microfluidic pressure that is delivered from a smaller footprint than that of known analogous systems, allowing Moray Medical to bring robotic dexterity, precision, and ease-of-use to a range of therapies.

The Market Opportunity

The Project Moray Robotic Catheter System
The Moray Medical Robotic Catheter System

Put succinctly, Moray Medical’s eel-like dexterity and elegantly simple drive technology will fundamentally improve the way structural heart and other therapies are delivered. The “structural heart” field involves the use of catheter-based devices to remotely access (via the vasculature) and treat the tissues of the valves and other internal structural components of a beating heart. The structural heart market is currently one of the fastest growing medical device fields, and that growth is accelerating with emergence of the Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) and Transcatheter Mitral Valve repair (TMVr) markets. Mitral regurgitation (MR), or leakage of the mitral valve of the heart, affects millions of people. The current dramatic adoption rates for structural heart therapies, together with the billions of dollars invested over the last decade on TMVR implants for which no viable catheter-based delivery system is yet available, help validate the potential value of Moray Medical’s therapy delivery products. Moray Medical’s robotic catheter system will deliver structural heart and other interventional tools at a lower cost per patient than existing mechanical technologies. As a result, significant markets exist for both stand-alone Moray Medical systems and for Moray Medical catheters tailored for delivery of structural heart tools developed by the company’s strategic partners.